Virtual cuisine

Top of the line custom craftsmanship

Concepts conveying emotion

The restaurant, in all its forms, conveys emotions in the same way as a show or an evening at the cinema or the theatre. Whether for entertainment or leisure, the show starts with the work of the cooks, where more and more kitchens are open to the dining rooms and bring together decor, visuals, culinary skills and dining in a well orchestrated production. Clients become actors, sharing a moment of intimacy around a table. They are no longer just passive clients, because they see, they feel and they experience the aromas and the tastes; all the emotions come together, complementing each other in the search for well-being.

Leisure restaurants

Fashions change and customs evolve - of course, this is not new. This is why at Matinox, we are curious and attentive; always listening to the desires and expectations of consumers as much as our clients. Our job also consists of remaining pragmatic in an environment where the imaginary is king, where clients are looking for a change of scenery, a moment of relaxation or a surprise evening out, one that is different, even magical.

Food courts and Slow food

Food courts, fast food or, on the contrary, taking the time to settle, to breathe... This is not incompatible with how we live today. As people say, there is a time for everything! The active and intense world of the 2000s will lead us to an even greater appreciation of the moments of relaxation devoted to the pleasures of food. At Matinox, although we are specialists in the world of professional kitchens, we are obviously also attached to this philosophy; preserving our gourmet values and sharing them as widely as possible. Carrying on traditions, but open to innovation, and to changes in culture and lifestyles.