The gastronomic stove

Top of the line custom craftsmanship

This is the cornerstone of gourmet creation, stemming from the association of high technology with craftsmanship. Requiring work by goldsmiths lasting for weeks, it is totally personalised and meets the highest expectations of head-chefs. Art and luxury are brought together in the hands of craftsmen, who work in ways known only to the initiated; an exceptional journey resulting in an exceptional product.

The search for perfection

Studies and searches - everything is considered point by point. Matinox's professionalism is the result of the association of its many skills. Boilermakers, brass-workers, blacksmiths, refrigeration specialists, etc.; the trades cross over and intertwine in the alliance between the traditions of the artisans and advanced technologies.

It demonstrates a remarkable bond between authenticity, tradition and the transmission of skills.