The Matinox spirit

MATINOX is a prestigious, first-rate and traditional brand, a qualitative and creative leader in its business sector, that of top-of-the-range custom work in both France and in Europe. The company has done everything possible to sustain this position and offers unique services of impeccable quality, while continuously improving its expertise.
Going beyond the multiple facets of its profession, MATINOX means:

  • a state of mind,
  • a vision of service,
  • and a total commitment to ensure the satisfaction of each of our clients.

It is a craft and it is an art, it is our talent.

Prime contractorand craftsman

MATINOX plays the role of prime contractor, organising the design, management and monitoring of its projects – just like in the kitchen, in the art and method of creating a harmonious blend, giving its flavour to a place...

MATINOX is a master in the matter. Through the love of a job well done, of precious materials worked by hand, of the tangible and the authentic, our talents are expressed in succession and come together according to the plan for creating a masterpiece.